SHADE release ‘Test of Time’

A city of heritage guitar bands gifts SHADE to 2021. Their new single release, Test
Of Time comes on like they’re already a classic rock band in their poetic element.
It’s layered with tempos, textures and a full on belter chorus. It follows; Neverdie, Head In The Clouds (2020) and Jump Into Heaven (2021) as another soaring and
catchy single that sounds like a chart hit.

With skills beyond their years, SHADE were obviously influenced by their parent’s
record collections, but are forging their own sound and each release takes them next

Delayed gratification: SHADE won fans when starting in 2019, then played a few
streams and sessions since 2020, but they have yet to go on tour. They sold out
their 150 capacity Manchester headline (Off The Square) in two weeks (rescheduled
to Friday 6th August). The first show outside of Manchester was Lancaster Kanteena
19th June. Louder Than War reported “SHADE are everything you want from a

This is the start of something. SHADE have songs that will stand the Test Of Time.

“A band that you need to be keeping
an eye out for in 2021″ (Jim Salveson, Radio XS Manchester).