REVIEW: SHADE live with Off the Square

Thanks so much to Louder Than War for another fantastic review! Here is what Louder Than War has to say about SHADE’s recent Off the Square live gig.

“With a killer 45 min set SHADE show again why they’re ahead of the pack, their songs are defined and nuanced and, let’s be honest, Manchester bands don’t just write songs, they write anthems. Super Cars, Intersteller and Neverdie have the crowd singing as loud as the frontman. It’s spine-tingling life affirming stuff. Closing with Illusive Dreams, the crowd go mental, Adam manages to keep the rhythm going as he jumps in to join them. Sadly there is no time for any musical encores but the celebratory scenes as they leave the stage are more akin to the final whistle in a cup final victory.”

You can read the full review here