REVIEW: FEAR Records Presents live at Kanteena

Thankyou so much to Louder Than War for the amazing review of our FEAR Records presents show live at Kanteena!

“I walked into Kanteena as SHADE were doing their soundcheck. It hit me that this is the first gig I’ve been to in over 15 months. The longest gap I’ve known between gigs in over 35 years. I’m positive time actually stood still for a few seconds. You know those Marvel movies where 2 characters fight? One swings a punch and you watch in slow motion, waiting for it to land? It was like that. The bass and drums hitting me, snapping me back to reality. Oh, how I’ve missed live music.

The venue itself is relatively new, opening in 2019. A ‘repurposed’ warehouse in the centre of the city. Previous gigs there include LTW favourites The Lovely Eggs, however obviously due to C*vid things have been quiet of late.

Of the bands playing, The France and SHADE are signed to Fear Records. By the time you read this, they will have had sets broadcast on Mark Radcliffe’s Showcase TV series, Live From The Edge. The other groups on the bill, Manchester’s Rolla and Morecambe’s Rich Kid Problems, are both unsigned but have self-released material. They are here on merit, not to make up numbers and definitely worthy of your attention.

It’s the first time any of them have been in front of a crowd for some time. You can feel the buzz throughout the soundcheck; the nervous energy and anticipation of playing a ‘real gig’ building as the afternoon slips into early evening.”

“The fact that tonight was socially distanced, seated and capped at 250 didn’t stop it feeling like a celebration. An extremely welcome return to live music with bands all giving it their all.

Fear Records put on a great show… when’s the next one?”

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