REVIEW: Fear Records Presents live at Kanteena

Thankyou to SCAN for a lovely review of our FEAR Records Presents showcase at Kanteena!

With standing applause, up-and-comer rock, and enough cocktails to keep the best of us happy – Kanteena is a venue to keep an eye on

So, we are back in Kanteena for another live show but now the time has come where they’re finally hosting bands on stage. I don’t know about anyone else but live shows has been one of the biggest things I’ve missed during lockdown.

Again, Kanteena has opened its doors to its enormous warehouse, one of the biggest indoor venues in Lancaster but this time, they’ve done away with the pantomime set vibes of their Whipcrack Comedy Night and decked out the hall with a bigger stage fit with a canopy.

Tonight, they’re hosting four bands from Fear Records, an indie record label based in Manchester, home to some of the best up-and-coming Mancunian scene bands.”


You can read the full review here