Initial Consultation

An initial consultation is the corner stone of any project we undertake. From our first meeting we will work with you to develop a short, mid and long-term plan and what’s necessary to deliver on your vision.

Artist Development

We will work together to bring your vision to life

Let's Get Social

Together we will develop a structured social media presence to get noticed.

The FEAR Hub

It’s a FEARless network


Our UK to ATL Programme provides artists from the UK with an opportunity to develop music with Grammy award winning producers in the fast becoming capital of music in America.

You will work with several of our team in Atlanta in a once in a lifetime trip to develop your music career.

Our network of producers and writers in Atlanta have worked with artists such as Mariah Carey, Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston, Usher, Nelly, and Toni Braxton.

  • 3 writing and production sessions to create original new music
  • Record a live acoustic video in a venue in Atlanta
  • 7 nights' accomodation in Atlanta
  • Return flight to ATL