Linnea Releases New Single ‘The One’

With her previous ‘I Don’t Want to Know’ cementing Sweden’s Linnea as a cool and confident folk-pop artist, it should come as little surprise that her second single The One looks set to only elevate the Scandinavian songstress even higher.

Having been singing since the tender age of 10, Linnea has spent that time both honing her talents, and finding the own voice. In doing so, she’s carved a niche of her own creation, deftly balancing the elegant influence the likes of Adele and Carrie Underwood, with something softer, more refined, and ultimately more accessible.

Indeed, The One is just that.
“I wanted to tell the story of a relationship filled with confusion and not knowing what the other person wants.” Linnea explains. “It’s about getting mixed signals and getting hurt but still finding it hard to leave and move on from someone, although you know it’s for the best.”

It’s a familiar theme, but therein lies both the beauty and the appeal of Linnea, her music harbours a confessional quality, as well as an openness and an honesty brought about from her personal ethos of always wanting to tell people the truth. Even if it means getting both deeply personal, and deeply emotional.

“I always take inspiration from myself and my personal life. I sing about things that I’ve been through as a way of processing it and to heal. The hardest part about making music is being vulnerable and opening up about personal stuff, but I really do believe that the best songs are those that tell a story that goes straight to your heart.”

This is something that’s always been central to Linnea, an openness, and an accessibility to her fans. It’s this that first caught the attention of UK-based Fear Records at the end of 2020, a move which has led her to work with highly well esteemed producer Ian Barter (Amy Winehouse, Paloma Faith) who produced previous single ‘I Don’t Want to Know’.

With more releases on the horizon, it’s not a question of if the hype train’s in motion, it’s when you’re getting on board.