Story of Strife

Gloria Release ‘Story of Strife’.

Ambitious, anthemic and optimistic, all words that can be used to
describe Glorias new single ‘Story of Strife’. A three-piece who despite their
relatively short time together, have been turning heads and breaking
hearts both across their native North West and further afield.

While the band may still only be in their early stages, the buzz
around them is such that they were not only able to sell out their
debut headline gig in Manchester but were also chosen as main support
for The Elephant Trees in Leeds – just two notable shows among a
plethora of early highlights.

It’s not just on stage where they’ve made their presence known
however. The lads have also gained a massive 180,000 streams of their
eponymous debut single ‘Gloria’ on Spotify, with forthcoming
single ‘Story of Strife’ set to do likewise.

Coming quickly off the back of previous single ‘To Say Goodbye’,
‘Story of Strife’ is something of a departure from the bombast and
grandiosity of its predecessor, though still retains plenty of
Gloria’s trademark scope and ambition.

Though 2020 might well have been a year full of setbacks but bands and
the wider industry itself, Gloria are refusing to let that phase them,
and as a result, ‘Story of Strife’ is four minutes of anthemic
alt-rock that sees them starting the new year on a high.